Story|Houston – Issue X

The Stories

Wes Trexler

“It looks painful, and I know that it is, but the instant flow of relief melts down her body like the snowflakes dripping off her hair.”


Danielle Zaccagnino

“A man comes in at eleven. He has spent the morning in the sun. As I move my hands across his body, dead skin cells peel off of him like a grated gray cheese. Not all intimacy is pretty.”

Cora J. Duffy

“Classical hits Nabokov like a tranquilizer dart. He basks in it, meditates on it, and zones out the storm.”


For William
John Thurgood

“There was a small clearing in the gully, down from the big house. Nothing grew there. The dirt was hard and cracked. Tiny fissures moved from the middle as if the ground were slowly widening. “